I am a mom of three incredible boys. My middle son was born with significant special needs including autism. He is a gift and gives the best hugs.

Growing up in the US Air Force leaves the question “where did you grow up” a tricky one. Needless to say I grew up all over the United States. By high school my father was out of active duty and we settled in Binghamton, NY. I attended NYU and was a professional ballet dancer in NYC in the early 90’s.

My first husband committed suicide 9 years ago. The grief journey was hell on earth but my faith sustained me. With the help of my mom we have an unique family but it works. It works well.

There have been challenges and blessings, the blessings always more. Life is amplified. We have persevered. We are unconquerable.

I hope you enjoy some of my thoughts and insights. I hope they lend hope if needed. I hope you come back.

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