When He shows up

I could tell by his voice I needed to be there. “I’m getting in the car. I am coming,” I promised. “Can I talk to Calvin?” He handed the phone to his roommate. “This is Emerson’s mom. I am coming. Do you have class? Can you and the guys please make sure he isn’t left... Continue Reading →

Trust the Process

We drove to Lynchburg just to go to the mall. My son, Wesley, has significant special needs and this week is spring break. Because of those special needs we can not travel further than we can drive. Wesley’s favorite thing in the entire world is going to malls. So, instead of a fabulous beach vacation... Continue Reading →


When I was a child my father had a dark room in our basement. If I close my eyes I can almost smell the chemicals. I would spend time with him there as he would dip a seemingly blank sheet of paper into trays of chemicals. As a child I was not interested in the... Continue Reading →


February 10, 2019 Dear Gary, It has been eight years. Eight years ago today you walked out of our basement door, into the woods, out of our lives and into eternity. Sometimes it feels like eight minutes and sometimes it feels like eight decades. Time is a strange thing when one is grieving. Like everything... Continue Reading →

Of the Most High

The morning began in church. My new friends, Ann and Jim, found me and thanked me profusely for the clothes. I asked them to sit with me and they happily took seats. At the end of the service Ann put her hand on my back and lowered her head. She was praying for me. She... Continue Reading →

Process of Becoming

I began taking ballet lessons when I was just three years old. I never could remember learning ballet just as I couldn't remember learning to walk. It just always seemed to be. By the time I was eleven years old I was taking classes five days a week. My muscles had been trained to the... Continue Reading →

My Father’s Voice

When I was a child and would ask my father the definition of a word he would never give me the answer. He would present me with another question. "What do you think it means?" he would ask me. I would reply "I don't know. That is why I am asking." His next statement was... Continue Reading →

God’s Mirror

"God, let me see her the way You see her," is a prayer I use, often when I just don't understand someone or, honestly, find it challenging to like her. But what if I began praying "God, let me see myself the way You see me"?My mirror is broken from words spoken, experience, lies, fear,... Continue Reading →

A Good Deal

I love a good deal. I actually get a little bit of an adrenaline rush when I find something worth much more than I have to pay. This Scripture seems like a good deal. I just have to give my trust and I receive complete joy and peace plus the added bonus of overflowing hope... Continue Reading →

I Fly Still

It seems for an entire year I have been grappling with the reality that my oldest, Emerson, is leaving. Indeed, tonight is his last night left under this roof until he moves to a new world in a new state in a new city, hours from home. For the past year I have mourned every... Continue Reading →

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