In the clearing…

Here it is. A decade has passed since I found Gary in the woods dead from a single gun shot. Time is a strange thing post trauma and I've covered a lot of ground since then. The day is now, mostly, an historical remembrance more than an emotional one. For my children though it is... Continue Reading →

Embracing Our Brokenness

I recently had the honor of sharing my testimony with the Ministry for Women at my church. The audio is below. I'm sharing mostly because friends had asked to hear but, honestly, I can't figure out how to share it with anyone who does not have gmail. At any rate, this is part of my... Continue Reading →

The Third Box

There are three major events that have shaped me in the last 16 years. Interestingly, all three of these events carry diagnosis that are often whispered about but rarely understood by those not in that world. I write openly about my son's special needs and my husband's suicide. My intention for the transparency is to,... Continue Reading →

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