Joyful Expectation

I wait for the Lord, my soul does wait, and in His word do I hope. Psalm 130:5 

My middle son, Wesley, has a favorite game that I play with him. Though he is sixteen years old deletions on his first chromosome have left him cognitively a three-year old. In our game Wesley lays down and I am next to him. I will smile and say “Oh, my, where should I…..” I pause for a few moments as Wesley squeals and giggles with absolute delight. He knows that after the exaggerated pause I will either kiss him, tickle him, or boop him on the nose. For him the fun of the game lies in the anticipation with the expectation that something marvelous is about to happen.

His entire body will twitch with excitement. His laugh comes from the depth of his soul. He is not anxious or worried about what is to come. Even with his severe cognitive impairment he knows that he is dearly loved. He knows that I am his mother and only have good things planned for him. He waits to see what is going to happen with joyful expectation.

When I grow weary from waiting for God I think of this game with Wesley. In my scenario I am the child waiting with joyful expectation as God is right next to me. Even with my limited, human capabilities I know He is good and that He loves me. I am assured that when something is to come from Him it will be more than I could have ever asked or imagined. Every single time.

Often in my life I have found myself waiting. When I rush ahead of what God is trying to do I ruin the surprise of what He had in mind. Moreover, my plans are never as great as His. If I am being wise waiting for Him is not an option, it is compulsory. How I wait, however, is my choice.

I can wait with joyful expectation. I can rest in the knowledge that doors are opening and closing as His plan unfolds. Perhaps hearts are softening, even my own. Conversely, I can wait with anxiety and dread but there would be no purpose in that. It would only cause me to be in a place I do not need to be.

For we have the blessed assurance that God will deliver something loving, something kind, something we long for, something that tells us we are His and we are loved. Forthcoming is something magnificent like a kiss, a hug, or a boop on the nose from a beloved parent.

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